SPD-6.4 Nano



The SPD-6.4 Nano is the new shortest of our series of short paths. These are low resolution heads with nearly no selectivity. Approximate speed is 4 liters per hour. #24 top, #29 discharge with #45 base. This is top of the line Schott glass made to last. 100% USA made. GL14s included.

Base not included.

Need a boiling flask for this head? The RBF-5000-2N-45 fits perfectly.

Summit recommends all users of any and all glassware to operate inside a ventilated fume hood with sufficient blast shields to prevent injury in case of fatigued glass failure. Summit is not responsible or liable for the result of any failures from use, and/or loss of subsequent hardware contamination/failure with or without the result of material loss or damaged caused to surroundings. By purchasing our premiere lines of laboratory glassware the user is responsible to operate in the recommended environment safely. We recommend all users to operate in a legal and licensed facility where safety is the number 1 goal. SPD-6.4


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