Summit Research is proud to provide the best of the best. We do not cut corners on any manufacturing or supply chains.

All of Summit Research signature products are made in the USA. Although it may seem flattering to be the most copied curative extraction company in the market, we feel the importance to express the level of expertise and quality that is not found elsewhere; and the lack of quality and service is present with our counterfeiters.

Please contact Summit Research with any questions regarding genuine distributors whom resell our products.

“Who are our counterfeiters?”

Who is a genuine re-seller of summit research technology products?

Summit has both private onsite distributors and walk in stores that retail our products. Please feel free to call and ask about our numerous partners we would be happy to refer you to them direct in your area!

Summit Research sources 100% USA made parts, components, and labor when making any signature products; while also supplying retail sales of USA made companies. Summit uses top of the line pumps imported from German and English manufacture. Summit Research will never outsource jobs to the lowest bidders in other countries, we do not believe in unethical business practices or theft of intellectual property. Summit Research only uses the BEST machinists, water jetting companies, Schott glass, lamp workers, pump manufactures, ancillary gear, and top of the line Polyscience chillers. All either made in USA, or imported from the number one companies over seas. We show support and competitive BELOW retail pricing on everything from Edwards pumps – jkem controllers – Polyscience chillers – custom glassware – rotovaps – etc…..

Summit uses genuine USA made papers and mediums, including made in USA top of the line stainless and machine work with USA oem hardware like Swagelok. We do not support over seas corrupt low cost manufacturing to short end customers with sales that aren’t worth the support or the low quality of hardware they are selling.

Many people would love to copy us, but fail. We warn customers of scams and smooth talking con men using the Summit name or reputation to complete a sale; along with similar looking items. When it comes down to it they will not provide a lifetime warranty on glass, and or lifetime support at NO COST to get you the results you need. WE NEVER CHARGE TO EDUCATE CUSTOMERS WHO BUY OUR EQUIPMENT. THAT WOULD BE UNETHICAL. We see on a daily basis, people walk in our store looking for desperate help being left stranded at the end of a red light warranty from these low rent companies whom counterfeit industry leaders, and sell sub par hardware.

If you want the best. summit research is the place to go.

Buy genuine.

“Only the best”

We will never perform unethical business, or look for the lowest bidder to produce any product we sell. The customer is the focus. The goal is results. Summit Research is responsible for the research and design of the original and ONLY spd-1, spd-2, spd-3, spd-4, spd-5, spd-6 and spd-7 curative fractional distillation heads. Accept no imitation where quality counts!


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Patents are pending for a number of Summit’s products, some of which are available for sale now. Summit takes its intellectual property rights seriously and will enforce them against any violation of those rights. Immediately upon the issuance of any patent by the United States Patent and Trademark Office, Summit will vigorously prosecute any and all infringements of its patents.


Summit recommends all users of any and all glassware to operate inside a ventilated fume hood with sufficient blast shields to prevent injury in case of fatigued glass failure. Summit is not responsible or liable for the result of any failures from use, and/or loss of subsequent hardware contamination/failure with or without the result of material loss or damaged caused to surroundings. By purchasing our premiere lines of laboratory glassware the user is responsible to operate in the recommended environment safely. We recommend all users to operate in a legal and licensed facility where safety is the number 1 goal.

Summit Research LIMITED LIFETIME WARRANTY and Policy

Summit Research warranties all of our products free from flaws and defects. The items we make like medias, chemicals, glassware, filtration devices, gauges, proprietary technology, and many other items we manufacture are covered under a LIMITED LIFETIME WARRANTY.

Summit Research does not refund money unless your order does not arrive. Any items purchased may or may not be in stock, even if built to order – will be guaranteed final delivery, outside of dates and times expected in emails we will not refund or exchange items for items, because the buyer becomes impatient and doesn’t want to wait for his or her item to be delivered (sometimes erroneous delays occur). This is also the case for drop shipments. If you buy items online or in remote states where you cannot pickup hardware like pumps, chillers, large scale evaporation; these items may be dropped shipped unless directly noted on the invoice. We take pride in always carrying stock, however some lead times aren’t manageable when manufactures are behind due to weather/high demands. We will do everything we can to get those drop ship items delivered as fast as possible.

We cover the life of the product. There will be instances where items have a lesser lifespan. Next are a few examples of such situations. Take for instance a sensor that had endured a lot of abuse and cleaning and is no longer accurate. A hochstrom filter when lubed on the o-rings and threads will last years even when USED EVERYDAY MULTIPLE TIMES A DAY. Another example, is a boiling flask that sees 200c can last about 50+/- runs. Sometimes more. Sometimes less if abused. Receiving flasks can last a lifetime with a general maintenance of regrinding joints, just as traps, monocows, and other similar items. Our lifetime warranty on our products does not cover abuse or damage inflicted on any items. Dropped filtration plates or tubes that get bent aren’t covered, just like sensors or electronics soaked in solvent. Our goal, is to deliver products that work, daily, everyday, and give the user the best possible experience. We guarantee that any Summit Research item carries a lifetime warranty that protects you against any possible defects and our items are always built to the highest standards possible.

Manufacturer’s Warranty:

Summit Research carries a manufacturer’s warranty policy, which includes items like chillers, freezers, analytic sensors, diagnostic computers, rotary evaporators and pumps. All other devices that Summit Research does not make, come with a manufacturer’s warranty. We guarantee to help you, the customer, to the best of our abilities. We are not allowed to take items from inventory and swap them in any case. You must work these terms out with the manufacturer. Do not come to us with a chiller down, or a bad sensor, we are forbidden under agreement to handle, diagnose, or authorize any warranty swap or repair. When purchasing an item like this from Summit or any other reseller across the nation you agree to the manufacturer’s
terms and condition on their offered warranty. Unless, we are contacted by them direct, we are unable to diagnose, fix or swap any items what so ever. This is a standard boiler plate business practice and is common in all industries – this means if you have concerns about these policies you must take them up with the manufacturer, not Summit.

Damage Clause Memo:

Lets be honest, don’t fucking lie to us. Everyone tries to get one over on someone. It won’t fly here. If you are operating a short path without proper supports we will void your warranty. We aren’t responsible for your lack or safety or common sense. You can’t fix stupid. None of our warranties cover mistakes, even if they are – mistakes. High ramping temperatures, abuse to glass, soaking pumps with solvent, dirtying up your sensors; any of this isn’t covered in a warranty, so save your breath when trying to give us lectures on how “you interpret” companies warranties. Be safe and know we want all of you to succeed.
-Elliot Kremerman