High Efficiency Adapter

Summit is constantly reinventing distribution adapters and producing what the customer needs. We have many generations of adapters to choose from that provide their own unique efficiency. Patented and first of its kind, Summit released the original ball monocow with a kick-out GL14 port. The second came in form of the new series angular tube monocow with GL14 on top. The third generation being an angular build out like the second but with extended removal and prevention of contamination from re-entering the collection flask. The forth series is a solid tube connection monocow, with coil added for increased pathway separation and matrix chilling for higher speeds and deeper vacuum. 2020 releases have included coil-less adapters for a shorter, more compact unit which makes for more hot vapor bypass. A true laminar with less turbulence.

1st gen distribution adapter2nd and 3rd gen distribution adapter

Pictured here is Summit’s swing arm technology known as the Laminar Swing Arm Kit. This solved many problems with flask attachment and being able to let the preliminary heads bypass. You could swing the flask up and down whenever needed. We also added dual arm and jacketed swing arm versions. The possibilities are efficient and abundant.