CT-2 Inverted Cold Traps

Summit Research has worked tirelessly to develop an industry first cold trap design that can be implemented in both glass and stainless steel applications. This cold trap has been out for years and the industry embrace has no longer become a new technology adopter, but rather a new standard in cold trap efficiency and design.First trap is short
Where antiquated cold trap designs fail to address the real challenges in maintaining dry vacuum on the outlet side vs the wet vapor on the inlet side; Summit Research inverted cup cold trap created by Elliot Kremerman achieves this perfectly.
When vapor enters typical cold traps, only the vapors plane the surface and become extremely affected by the cold, beginning to create condensing on the surface.
These vapors essentially condense as cold traps have a standard operation, but as much as the vapors that do condense, many from mild to major amounts of scattered vapors which bypass/leave the trap uncondensed. This is especially seen in laminar flow applications originally developed and patented by Summit Research. As these challenges arose and pump health became a necessity, Elliot invented the Inverted Cup Cold Trap. The cold bung can be used with multiple cooling options including dry ice, immersion and LN2. While it’s main purpose isn’t just to cool the main bung body, but in this case, cool the monolithic core that extends beyond the standard bung design. The inverted cup creates a non affected pathway for rapid vapor removal while colliding this scattered vapor against the inverted cup. Along with the monolithic core design, the cone of the bung creates a highly engineered vortex that scientifically forces additional hot scattered vapors from the short path to collide and condense more efficiently. Creating a visually obvious effect similar to a small tornado, these vapors no longer jump past the bung of the cold trap. Effectively protecting your pumps exponentially compared to antiquated cold trap designs. Even maria’ed, bellowed, and stepped cold traps offer very little in preventing the miscellaneous excess hot scattered vapors from bypassing to the output side. second cold trap Summit Research’s IC-CTs function second to none in the scientific and laboratory market while maintaining the lowest dry vacuum and vacuum rating possible. The stainless liquid nitrogen modification with the inverted cup design also acts as a short path process accelerator. [ CT-2 Cold Trap shown here with included 90 degree hard pipe.] While trapping the vapors from fast, hot processes it will also create massive molecular drag and increase the speed of the process while driving the Distillation liquid temperatures down exponentially. We find for ln2 use the stainless model is most suitable. While the glass works fabulous with dry ice or immersion chiller options, the ln2 stainless model will also strip majority-to-all of acidic compounds from the vapor stream to protect pumps from processes including isomerized pumps. Stacked in series these traps are absolutely second to none on larger systems; this is due to the design, forcing molecules to climb and struggle inside the inverted cup more than once preventing wet vapors from passing through. Instead where other traps allow an unrestricted mechanism for vapors to bypass for the most part, summit traps do not.