How to Setup the Hochstrom High Flow Filter Apparatus

The Hochstrom High Flow Filter is the fastest unit on the market, it’s unique design allows it to operate under half vacuum pressure for full flow. Our peers & customers have reported the high flow surface area to be equivalent to a 18-24″ table-top unit. Table top units that are large have a huge basin, but small holes, really preventing it from being efficient for it’s size. As well as the flow issues you see on a table top or small Buchner filtration unit; due to the solution warming up & redissolving past the filtration medium. You also get the fluid rushing around the filter media as well as a large surface area for liquids to warm up. We have achieved maximum efficiency in a much shorter time for filtration, preventing items from warming up & redissolving and / or not securing.

Filter Flow Chart


This image shows how to set up the flow for the filtration system.

Summit Research has a patent pending on the Hochstrom filter, just like all of our original designs, we file patents to protect our products. We have spent a plethora of resources on R&D to bring you the best filter money can buy, at an affordable price per unit. The Summit Research Hochstrom filter is made in the United States, it’s unique design is the most efficient, technically advanced filter design on the market.