Step into the future of filtration with the Hochstrom Filter. This unique technology is the industries highest free flowing filter with Lifetime warranty. This is the LAST FILTRATION APPARATUS YOU WILL EVER BUY. No more glass, no more broken or chipped frits and absolutely no warped or low end plastic/ceramic garbage units. 100% made in USA and built to outperform anything on the market. Comes with dual O-ring seals that stay lubricated for smoothly securing the papers. With aerospace grade parts, it easy to say this is the most advanced lab filtration on the market today. New patented filter support system that has the highest flow on the market with ring seal technology. This is absolutely no joke when we say, this is the last buchner filter you will ever buy, capable of speeds unprecedented of for its size.

*****All Hochstroms now come Standard with tall tube*****


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