Short Path Distillation Technologies



Summit Research original designs and patents are the LEGACY series short path distillation heads. Summit Research LEGACY series heads are the very first custom heads manufactured on the market, longest manufactured series in our industry; highest potency and efficiency obtainable in these sizes. Still to this day these heads under proper operating conditions and preparatory work will out pace and exceed performance characteristics of any competitor head on the market. The unique and #genuineSPD product leads the industry as the TWO most copied and counterfeited heads ever produced. The original SPD LEGACY series heads set the standard for the competition. There is a reason why you see every manufacturer try and copy this series; with quality and function that rivals all copies. These heads set the standard for high potency, vibrant colors, and perfect operational characteristics with supplemental patents for the design and key/method process.

SPD Thermal +

Summit Research top of the line Thermal+ series short path distillation heads are the answer to stable thermal gradients inside the head. With superior internal temperature retention that silvered heads can’t match by a long shot. The amount of retained heat internally is not only beneficial in cold rooms, but with distillation keys + sop methods; proven technology that retains the closest gradient from the joint to the top of the head. With the least amount of in pathway energy loss this head surely outperforms any cheap head with generic build outs that do not ensure maximum temperature retention like the Thermal+ series. With its patented dual vacuum jacket design to the 2.1 series packable version, summit took out all the stops to make sure the next generation of short path distillation head technology would include all the top of the line features we could throw at this product series. The most ingenious thing to come out of the Thermal+ series design was the packable head. First of its kind with dual vacuum jackets; also first of its kind with the lowest packable shelf available on the market. This ensures the highest amount of temperature hits the packable bed, and does not lose energy as the vapors move upwards. The lowest available gradient in a packable head with a value of .9c to 1c from bottom to top can be stabilized during the distillation; compared to a mid region packable head with upwards of 3-5c gradient. Summit Research is dedicated to the Thermal+ series in the mid package pro kits, with unmatched performance anywhere else on the market. If choosing the best all around glassware setups is an important factor, then the SPD Thermal+ series will knock your expectations out of the park.


Summit Research tops itself with the invention of a whole new technology. Requiring a newly coined term, MODIFIED PATH DISTILLATION was born. The brand new thermally isolated, dual vapor path technology was created. A brand new technology which will make waves and change how distillations are done. With a new SOP and brand new engineering hardware we have brought the future of refinement distillation to your fingertips. What makes this system so unique? What makes this post refinement head perform both in first pass, and refinement modes with unbeatable speeds and quality?

  1. Dual vapor paths. What does this mean? This means there is one section that does an incredible amount of work, without vig sections; a brand new invisible theoretical plate section without any loss of throughput or restrictions. The second vapor path sits over the first, with a aggressive rejection section and a smooth bore w/ key upper section now the refinement stages are applied to vapors. This is a incredible invention brought to by Summit for the distillation industry. Never before have two physical distillation characteristics been matched in one machine.
  2. FC SERIES: The birth of a new future. Summit has once again IN THIS SAME SERIES blown the industry away with a upper fraction collector. The vapors have worked this hard to get purified, why are they raining back down. This new invention for short path distillation really will evolve to become the standard, but why else – because summit sets the standard for the competition.
  3. Completely isolated distillation core. This new technology centers itself on the “in the flask” first vapor path, to retain the most amount of heat we have placed the short path below the joint; as well as isolated the entire pathway and glass. Nothing from atmosphere touches the flask, pathway, inner jackets, or any particular parts that relate to the core of the head. This is the ONLY head ever created, and the largest of its kind with this new technology. Thank Summit because the evolution of these MPD heads will pave the future of short path for us.
  4. The FC stands for fraction collector. Summit brings to market the hybrid transformation of the features we find in the SPD-4 MPD with its genuine and unique build out that includes an upper vapor section fraction collector. The FC series heads were originally built on top of the Thermal+ models. Are you super happy with the way your spd-2 and spd-3 heads perform, well here is the new generation with faster speeds and more accurate vapor flow, paired with the new Laminar Path adapters for the trap, these heads will lead the market for years to come.