Automated Falling Film Evaporator

Safety systems built in

This is for Package 1 FFE unit with fluid discharge pumps and certified control box (remote), other pricing options should be handled via direct contact with Summit. Sales of the FFE unit at this price include the entire skid with heating/condensing features along with variable speed controlled chemical duty diaphragm pumps and all corded electrical control panel and components. This price does not include any chillers/heaters/vacuum related sub components for each of those ancillary hardware connections. The setup as shown is made for alcohol. Pentane or more caustic solvents require a $10,000 upgrade for pump compatibility.

Package 1 : TAP WATER 40 g/hr    FFE + Pumps + Skid only

Please call us for package pricing and availability. We can tailor these units to suit your needs. Thank you for looking

To purchase, please contact Summit Research at 831-226-2948 or by eMail. Items ship 1-3 days after orders have been processed unless otherwise specified. Price does not include shipping and will be included in your final estimate before processing.