The SVG-3 is a 3-zone digital identifier with all boards built in, for the first time user it comes STANDARD with 2-zone that reads two locations that are within (A)x10-4, to deliver accurate readings up to the range of 3-4 scale vacuum. the STANDARD SVG-3 is supplied with two extremely accurate and robust  sensors; one with a barb connection to read either at the laminar path monocow/distillation, and the second sensor comes with a kf25 flange connection to read the vacuum rate the pump is pulling. As we mentioned the SVG-3 comes with three pre-installed circuits built in, two of which are calibrated and installed for the 2 zone reading feature in the standard SVG-3 package. The third circuit installed and calibrated is READY and COMPLETELY setup for the addition of a UHVP sensor.

This unit comes with two sensors and three boards installed, with the third board for UHVP installed and calibrated for a instant upgrade without having to buy new hardware or send yours back in.

So exactly what is this setup?

Easy, this is a encompassing 3 zone controller, designed at its full potential to read accurate readings from the:

  1. Distillation area of interest either at the cold trap, or at the reaction area.
  2. Initial vacuum pump readings that will allow the user to see the ultimate vacuum at the pump vs the vacuum at the first location.
  3. UHVP kits can now be added on with the third sensor that reads vacuum at the ultra high vacuum side.

Contents include:

1x interface

3x circuits loaded, reinstalled, and calibrated

1x standard 4 scale vacuum sensor with barb

1x standard 4 scale vacuum sensor with kf25

The upgrade to the UHVP section requires only one part and is supplied only if pre-ordered with the setup, or purchased later.


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