The Apollo Vacuum Controller is a direct and dramatic upgrade to our SVG-3 vacuum gage. This setup is an encompassing 3 zone controller designed to take accurate readings from the:

  1. Distillation area of interest either at the cold trap, or at the reaction area.
  2. Initial vacuum pump readings that will allow the user to see the ultimate vacuum at the pump vs the vacuum at the first location.
  3. UHVP kits can now be added on with the third sensor that reads vacuum at the ultra high vacuum side.

Items in first picture included only:

  • 1x upgraded touch screen interface
  • 3x circuits loaded, reinstalled, and calibrated (box)
  • 2x standard 4 scale vacuum sensor with kf25
  • The upgrade to the UHVP section requires only one part and is supplied only if pre-ordered with the setup, or purchased later.

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For the complete setup, sweep valve connects to your calibrated sweep gas regulator. These components give you even more control with the Apollo Vacuum Controller. Complete control at your fingertips!