Edwards Speedivalve

$300.00 $275.00

The Edwards Speedivalve (sp25k) is a diaphragm sealed in-line, isolation valve. The construction consists essentially of a flexible elastomeric dia­phragm which is sealed onto a lightly polished seat by a screw thread mechanism.The valve terminates in NW flanges and can be pipeline supported or panel mounted. Fits on all your KF25 flanges. Summit recommends these KF25 parts for this item:

Easy to operate with visual indication of valve open (SP10K to SP25K). Leak tight to better than 10-6 mbar ls-1 / 8 x 10-7 Torr ls-1. Diaphragm completely isolates mechanism from vacuum system. Will withstand 9 bar overpressure (SP10K to SP40K, with Co-Seal)



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