ABSOLUTELY ALWAYS follow safety precautions when practicing fractional distillation. Do not try this unless you are an experienced extractor or if these technical skills presented below surpass your lack of knowledge.

Wrong moves make glassware implode at full vacuum within temperatures of roughly 500 degrees Fahrenheit.

The hardware required to complete a proper clear extraction is very complex like a puzzle, if one piece is missing or poorly supplemented, the system will not generate proper operation.

We’re aiming to safely and properly use hardware dedicated for each use.  I will explain in depth what is the absolute best solution for both quality and performance.

We have tested various methods and hardware.  We know what will create a proper reaction.  And what is barely achieving, thus ruining the batch from improper timing and temperature variations, essentially scorching the end result.

When working with fine compounds using the hardware we supply you must use vented hoods as excited solvent has vapors, which is carried over during extractions

This solvent may still pass through in high volatile vapor  form.  The condenser and cold trap will capture approx 99% of what can condense at those rates.  As such, vacuum operation will expel low amounts of flammable gas.

In the aspect of curative extraction, you must remember this whole concept relies on the heads ability to maintain that temperature and to “over condensate” the heavier compounds and reject them from the vapor path.  The upper most volatile vapor pressurizes is typically knows as a slag ceiling.

The SPD-1 where there is no slag ceiling we can direct the path in the function we need.

spd-1 summit research


On your “first pass”, the molecular weight is so extremely volatile in either direction of vacuum pressure that you will only collect a profile subsequent from what can be loosened from the heavier molecular bonds present in the load flask.

If the “first pass” is poured back into the load flask, the boiling point re-pop will be with finer control.  Meaning you can actually create separations where the BP will not “group react” with similar ones on the first conversion.

What this means is you need to create a slight over reaction, and continue this process until the vacuum pump catches up and crosses the threshold for the reaction and the vacuum gradually is increased deeper and deeper and thus vig vapor condensate reaction and rejection occurs.

We can discuss what the reaction is and other principles at a later time. This is to understand what hardware is needed to do this process. So thus, we say, get the best of the best.

  1. PolyScience chiller/heater.
  2. Digital mantle with stir features. Do not buy separate control units.  You’ll thank us later!
  3. Rotovap with vacuum control and a dual diaphragm vacuum pump. We like the i100+v700 Buchi combo. We hear a standard r100 Buchi will get the job done exceptionally. 20K rotos aren’t a need.  You need reliability and control.  Not ridiculous branding.  Your work will only be as good as your rotovap.  Keep that in mind. Updated* We have created the perfect 20L roto for your setup.
  4. Cold trap.
  5. Short path head and round bottom flask with attachments.
  6. Edward30/Atlas28/”Gvd80-20L”
  7. VaccuBrand thumb vacuum control.
  8. 90mm modular filtration apparatus.
  9. Glassware, beakers, filter flasks, separatory funnel, media bottles.
  10. 5u filter paper and glass wool for biological filtration.
  11. Numerous lab stands and lab elevators
  12. 100ft 1/4″ high duty low and high temp silicone hose clear. (this will let you identify issues carried over in vapor path) Use in everything from chilling to vacuum. Fractional distillation ruins hoses and coats the inside with a deathly odorized product we just throw away.
  13. Digital head gun.
  14. Corning pc-620d thermoprobe kit heat plate. With spinning control. Digital.
  15. PTFE stir bars and long stick PTFE retrievers. Cleaning brushed for mantle flasks.
  16. 200 proof ethyl alcohol non denatured. Lab grade HPLC cert.
  17. One flameless digital e-nail to keep you company while you are rotovaping.

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If you think we left something out, and want anything added or talked about here please email info@summit-research.tech and well be happy to add relevant into.  -JBV