Summit Research Technical Support and Consultation Procedures

To ensure proper and professional customer service, Summit Research no longer accepts calls through our phone system for technical support. We now track all technical support requests and responses through emails to ensure a faster response time. Typical response times will range from 5 minutes to 24 hours during business days.
New Technical Support Procedure:

  1. Customer initiates an inquiry for technical support at: (email address)
  2. In your email please include:
    a. Technical Support Form
    b. Photos (optional, but helpful)

NOTE: If it is deemed necessary by management, we will contact you to schedule a call with one of our technicians. All tech support phone related conversations will be scheduled by appointment only, and phone related tech support is only provided upon approval of management.

Technical Support

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    Accepted file types: jpg, png, pdf.

New Consultation Procedure:

  1. Customer initiates an inquiry for new set up consultation at: (email address)
  2. In your email please include
    a. Consultation Inquiry Form
    b. Photos (optional, but helpful)

For inquiries about products and new set ups, complete (this form, form title) (hyperlink?). Include as much detail as possible so we can recommend and build your products. It is very important to explain how much material you will be handling at the end of day, week, or month, and please include your budget. Email us this inquiry and we will email you directly. If necessary, we will schedule a phone or in-person appointment at our store front. This is a free consultation.
In efforts to keep our phones open for urgent matters, we hope this new policy enables all of our customers to receive the best quality and timely support with our products.
We welcome comments or suggestions at any time on ways to improve our service to you, our valuable customers.
Summit Research Team

Equipment Consultation Inquiry Form

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Warranty and Purchase/Return policy. Limited liability policy

Damaged shipments:

Summit Research sells high quality glassware, previously tested and inspected at the factory, prior to initial shipping. Once we acquire your hardware we also perform a secondary inspection on all products.

All products are shipped in load tested boxes and safely packaged. If  any glassware arrives defective or damaged THE DAMAGED DELIVERY MUST BE NOTED BY THE CARRIER UPON DELIVERY, WITHOUT NOTING DAMAGE BY THE CARRIER IT IS CONSIDERED ACCEPTING A PERFECT PACKAGE. The buyer MUST document every bend or break in the box. As the shipper we are obligated to send all damaged glassware, pictures/videos and documentation to the forwarder.

All boxes MUST BE INSPECTED AND ANY DISCREPANCIES MUST BE BROUGHT TO OUR ATTENTION  WITHIN 14 DAYS of the delivery date of the equipment to verify any breakages that may have occurred during the shipping process. The end user MUST ship this back to us how it arrived immediately, please contact Summit Research to have a return tag sent to them for the broken/defective items. We will reship any replacement items as quickly as possible at no cost to full-fill the order with pristine glassware or hardware. The same policy applies if any steel arrives damaged or defective.

Glass Breakages and Product Misuse:

Our glassware carries a 30 day warranty that protects it from actual damages during usage that is not related to user error. We have bench-marked both our glassware and stainless hardware for failure and we have documented when and where these types of failures can occur.

When using our glassware the end user is responsible for properly cleaning all the joints and ensuring they are clean, dry and free from product. The assistance of lubricant is required so the joints do not mar. If damages occur without the use of lubricant because the items have welded tight from expansion, Summit Research is absolutely not responsible. The protocol we suggest is to assemble all glass clean, dry, and free of residue with lubricant on all joints.

For taking the glass apart, the glassware must be handled with Kevlar gloves and simply disconnected and removed while at a slightly cooler temperature than it is to be used. At no point should you allow the glassware to COOL off to the touch to be dismantled.

We are not responsible if the glassware was bumped, damaged, dropped, or shocked during use with improper temperatures during use or cleaning. Not using lubricant or allowing the glass to cool before taking the system apart is considered misuse and  will void EVERY and ALL warranty and support.

Utilizing temperatures over 200c will create sections of use where the joints will nearly weld themselves closed when cooled down, and can also oblong the seal when brutally pulled apart. If the glassware implodes or damages itself under use, and abuse is not evident, the end user must document the entire process start to finish. Photograph the entire failure immediately when it occurs. We then ask that you send the documented data to us to verify your current temperatures were safe as well as vacuum.

The end user must document and note in a ledger the entire operating procedure as you work day after day, including your noted protocol during failure for any automatic replacement of failed products. We stand behind our products, but we must ensure they are being used properly. Summit Research is not responsible for hardware used in conjunction with our hardware. If the end user hardware is damaged from a Summit Research product, we are not liable for time lost, hardware damaged, or financial losses while using Summit products.

Summit Research is solely dedicated and responsible for manufacturing, distribution and end user support of our products. We do not control shipping issues or user misuse complications. We will support and replace any items that came to you dysfunctional and unusable. We will review and make our judgement call from there. We are an honest business and will respect customer honesty in return. We will not listen to sob stories or excuses when obvious misuse has taken place. However we will try our best to help you get new items if you have had a one time misuse issue on the basis that you learned your lesson. Please note: this is upon the discretion of the manager in charge.

Lab Stand setup and supports:

For us to give support and warranty Summit glassware we require you setup your lab stands as we have indicated in our instructionals section on the website. You do not have to have our lab stands, but we do require you set them up as we would. This will allow us to better diagnose and support any breakage claims for any issues with glass.

Product Returns/Exchange Policy:

We DO NOT ACCEPT ANY RETURNS on any items. We only accept exchanges on brand new unused items that were improperly ordered. All Summit boxes must be checked within 14 days of their arrival to verify any mis-ordered items or breakages that may have occurred during the shipping process. Absolutely no exchanges or returns will be accepted after the 14 day period.

Absolutely no returns because of buyers remorse or the end user improperly misused an item and is emotionally upset due to lack of usage knowledge. Please educate yourself before committing to our purchase policy.


Any items returned must come to Summit with an RMA and arrive to us in original packaging, unused, verified, and in the same condition as it was when the product was sent out. Please attach copies of any invoices or packing slips as well as the RMA to your order before sending items out. This is to help get any returns or exchanges completed in a timely manner.

We stand by our warranty, and our products, that they arrive in excellent condition, free from defects, and in working order. Anything outside that criteria that may have slipped past QC must be documented and communicated within 14 days of receiving the Summit packages. Please send the items to us immediately for a replacement, either for items we have on hand or back ordered. If something is returned for an exchange and the item is backordered, we will do our best to get you the replacement products in a timely manner.


Credit and Paypal Disputes:

Customers of Summit Research, end users, and purchasers, agree to not DISPUTE any merchant charges, Visa, Mastercard, PayPal etc. when doing business with Summit Research. If an item comes defective and you return it, Summit Research will do everything in our power to make an order right; if an item arrives damaged or unusable for the purchaser or end user. Our purchase policy is a business agreement that Summit Research will handle the support of any Summit items. The customer cannot dispute the charges under any circumstances, UNLESS the item was never received. This is not conditional to any customer. We take pride in our work, we are an honest workplace and refuse to be abused as a business by scammers.

Damage Clause Memo:

Lets be honest, don’t fucking lie to us. Everyone tries to get one over on someone. It won’t fly here. If you are operating a short path without proper support we will void your warranty. We aren’t responsible for your lack or safety or common sense. You can’t fix stupid. None of our warranties cover mistakes, even if they are – mistakes. High ramping temperatures, abuse to glass, soaking pumps with solvent, dirtying up your sensors; any of this isn’t covered in a warranty, so save your breath when trying to give us lectures on how “you interpret” companies warranties. Be safe and know we want all of you to succeed.

-Elliot Kremerman