Interfaces any centrifuge extractor that doesn’t require C1D1 (ethanol, heptane, methanol, etc.) with the size 34 Fraction Finder sensor.

Sight Glass for Ethanol Extraction – includes shield and modified size 34 sensor

  • 1.5″ or 2″ Sanitary flange sight glass with shield and a modified sensor (includes sensor pre-installed, evacuation/purge cycle, vacuum and pressure tested, sensor tested, and 10′ cable)
  • Fraction Finder sensor included and pre-installed
  • For use with an ethanol extractor
  • Note: This unit is neither C1D2 nor C1D1 listed. While the unit is designed for C1D2 environments, hence the polycarbonate shield around the sensor and sight glass – it has not officially been certified as C1D2. The kit is NOT designed for C1D1 environments. We expect to have C1D2 – and potentially C1D1 – certification by mid-2020.