The Fraction Finder Sensor #29 consists of an optical light pulse and detector, acting as “the eyes” of the system. It wraps around a distillation set up condenser tube and connects to the Fraction Finder display to track important data on the distillation.

These sensors are black for a reason:

  • Black absorbs all light while blocking out ambient light.
  • This leads to better signaling and the most valid data possible transmitting to the Fraction Finder display.
  • For example, a white sensor wouldn’t work because it would reflect the light into your glassware and into the sensor, harming the reading.

Chemical Resistant

  • This reduces any degradation from solvents, crude oils, extracts, etc..
  • This protects the sensor and ensures that it lives to see an endless amount of runs.

Thermo Resistant / Safety

  • The black coating we use on each sensor is a high temperature, thermal resistant coating, it can withstand temperatures well above anything you’d see in a distillation lab.
  • It’s nearly impossible to set one of our sensors on fire, the coating is almost completely fireproof!
  • This protects the user, the equipment, and (in worst case scenarios) the entire lab.

Sensor only, monitor and accessories not included.