Summit Research Fraction Finder figures out where components start and stop flowing to optimize separation. Making the SPD Process more precise and repeatable, Fraction Finding helps take the guess work out. Someone running a distillation can make better decisions if they knew exactly where they were in the distillation process. Scientists have developed expertise in this area to the point where they know what to expect. The Summit Research Fraction Finder does that for you and will be your best friend in short path distillation.

Included with:

  • Standard sensor
  • Mounting hardware
  • Display screen
  • Light-blocking tape
  • Power Supply
  • Sensor Cable
  • User Manual and Quick Start Guide
  • 1-Year Warranty

Through innovative live distillate monitoring, Fraction Finding can help increase potency on every distillation pass. Now, you can forget the old ways of relying on guesswork and eyesight, and instead, identify the contents of a flow through a glass tube in real time.

Please contact Summit Research if you want to upgrade to the Ultra-Sensitive Fraction Finder. This new version can now be utilized on chromatography separations as well as your normal distillation processes.

We now include FREE ATHENA SOFTWARE for download (Fraction Finder compatibility)

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Frequently Asked Questions

Which fractions can the Fraction Finder detect?

During short-path distillation, it can distinguish what is colloquially known as “Heads”, “Main Bodies”, and “Tails”. Click here for a list of molecules, such as Delta-9 and more.

What units of measure does the Fraction Finder digital readout use? 

The system uses Nanometers (nm) and Intensity (au).

Can the Fraction Finder sensor fit on size 24 glass?

If you have size 24 glass, order our 24/40 adapter, which can fit a size 29 sensor. 

What heat can the Fraction Finder sensor handle?

The Fraction Finder sensor can handle around 100 degrees Fahrenheit. If you plan to exceed these limits, order one of our Hot Tech Adapters.

Does the Fraction Finder work the same as an HPLC?

Both systems use spectroscopic analysis to identify chemicals. However, the type of spectroscopy that detection method and wavelength regime are different. The Fraction Finder operates uses fluorescence, whereas HPLCs utilize absorption.