The CVC-3000 manages vacuum processes by controlling vacuum pumps, vacuum and coolant valves and accessories. The illuminated graphical display with clear text menus (14 languages) and the jog wheel make its handling nearly self-explanatory. Depending on the model, a ceramic diaphragm vacuum sensor and venting valve are already integrated (or externally connectable). The ceramic vacuum sensor is chemically highly resistant, measures gas-type independent and accurately. This controller offers a two-point vacuum control mode via in-line solenoid valve. Ten fully configurable programs (with up to ten time and pressure steps each, and control functions such as venting and pumping) can be easily edited and stored. External valves and sensors for liquid level and vacuum down to the fine vacuum range are easy to connect and recognized automatically via the VACUU·BUS® control system. The CVC-3000 enables the measurement of relative pressure with regard to a reference sensor (VSK 3000).

CVC-3000 Performance features

  • controls vacuum, cooling water and venting on demand
  • intuitive operation with turn-and-tap jog wheel and clear text menus, with integrated venting valve
  • interactive communication (PC) through RS 232C serial interface
  • self-configuring due to VACUU·BUS® system: valves (vacuum, venting, coolant), sensors (vacuum, liquid level), Peltronic® condenser

Made in Germany, high bore high flow control for filtration or large scale rotovap. The 12c Vario pump is recommended with this unit.