Carbon A powder

Summit custom engineered carbons are made without phosphoric acid, hydroxides, chlorides, fluorides and heavy metals. Only proprietary natural activating ingredients are used to create a 100% safe, organic, and non-toxic carbon that may be used with numerous solvents in laboratory filtration. Made by the largest and most trusted carbon supplier in the USA – we strive to provide each customer with the best scrubbing solution with maximum removal of unwanted compounds. These carbon matrices will remove colors, odors and inactive chemical compounds. Aids in removal of pesticides and unwanted harsh chemicals. This is a true FOOD GRADE product designed to make your product shine.

4.5kg (10 lb)

Carbon A is an organic, fine neutralized powder most commonly used for de-clarification and major impurity removal. Use a 3.5-10% powder to winterized solution weight ratio. Example: 3.5-10g powder for 100g of solution. Use at 100°F. Do not use cold.


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