HTHPE : “High terpene high purity extracts” are the future of extracts. THE REAL – MOST POWERFUL CURATIVE EXTRACT ON THE MARKET. Not the t h c article used to hype up sales of t h c crystals. Pay close attention here.

Let’s discuss HTHPE. What is the difference between super dewaxed, and single solvent winterized products versus laboratory made products. There is a vast difference in obtainable potency and the synergistic effect. High t h c products in our opinion aren’t as viable as a medicine, rather a consumer market targeted to deceiving the customer. It may not be a completely negligible deceiving act, but it is due to uneducated and broke extractors trying to do a single process and get away with the least amount of work as possible to make money. There are some people making high t h c terpene sauce extracts that are note worthy. This is due to the extensive hardware and the distance they take to enhance a product with extensive processing.

The difference is real here. We are in the business of making medicine, right? How many cigarette smokers do you know. Plenty right? How many of the smokers you know pack a glass tube up with tobacco, and blast it with cold butane. NONE. So why are we consuming “medicine” like this. Plain and simple. I do give credit and valid claims to the individuals who are processing large amounts into clean, see through shatters, with as much inactive compounds as possible. This is a valid point I make here. There are versions of cleaned up virgin oleo resin that are questionably suitable for consumption but are FAR safer and cleaner than what the majority of the industry has to offer. There is now another extractor who is hitting the market. The laboratory skilled professionals. These individuals are exponentially taking over the industry. They are putting extractors to shame, daily, with the ability to create a solid point where they come in and transform oleo resin to REAL MEDICINE. These extractors focus on the industry tools that DO COST money, maybe 2-30-50x what a wookie invests in a basic closed loops setup. This comes with responsibility and ability to stay “woke” and never settle for the basic virgin oleo resin that comes from a single process.

What constitutes a HTHPE product.

1. Organic, natural terpenes, even analytical grade should be considered. No synthetic flavorings or dilution agents are valid in this sense. Specific part of the essential oil volatiles during natural distillation are acceptable, i.e. byproducts for flavor that come from distilling terpenes off plant matter.
2. High purity extract. Typically known as distillate/extract/crystals. Where colors are shimmering bright, potency is above 90%(preferably over 95), and in its extracted virgin form there are no odors or flavors that have a tainted effect on the high purity distillate/extract/crystals. it is to be noted that in the sense of a distillate you CANNOT just take a product and distill it from raw oleo resin and get a high purity product. There are other boiling points present, just like water soluble compounds or things left behind. Great care is to be taken to previously remove inactive and unwanted compounds, prior to a distillation to achieve the tightest bandwidth of molecular diversity; much rather as far away as possible from a basic distillate created with simple steps taking shortcuts that generates a more vast, and mixed boiling point section that includes a much – much higher diversity: otherwise as unwanted effect.

The thing to notice here is the ability for the extractor to make a medicine that is safe to consume with the greatest reduced risk. This is a clean, potent and vastly different standard that is currently sweeping the industry. HTHPE is the most powerful and highly bio active extract that can be produced without involving chemistry and chromatography process. If chromatography is also used, then crystals may be used in the profile to achieve another high end product. HIGH TERPENE – HIGH PURITY – ENGINEERED – EXTRACT; or else would be known as HTHPEE.

Please feel free to ask us questions as this topic will be greatly added and expanded upon to expose the difference in MEDICINE – and – RAW OLEO RESIN.