Sondergut Silikate Pulver 3.5 gallon

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Sondergut Silikate Pulver comes in 3.5 gallon bucket with 12 lbs media. Approx 200 uses per bucket.

100% non toxic
100% organic
99.99% Ultra high purity


The demonstration images are as follows:


1. Initial oleoresin melt down
2. Same
3. Winterized
4. Same
5. Post scrub with silicate powder using the carbon solution.


We have achieved a 7 part blend specifically for cannabis filtration. This is laboratory grade, and is of high quality. Price includes shipping and comes with the finest manufactured variation of crystal/silicate matrix available under the known and trusted name of Summit Research. Our proprietary house blend will absolutely satisfy your needs for final polishing in many variable methods.



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