The PIG Filter will save you time instantly and go through product with ease. High efficiency and mega yields. Summit Research, only the best!

This patented made in USA (pressurized inert gas) PIG filtration system eats material. At an idle flow of 500 gallons per hour under winterization temperatures reported speeds exceeding 8 gallons per minute of filtration power. We are the sole distributor of this product in our industry. Summit strives to bring new things to market and ensure the needs are met.

The PIG comes with:

  • Hand driven hydrophilic press
  • PIG cart
  • PIG drainage tray
  • Hose kit with 2 hoses
  • Perforated and windowed plates.
  • 500 pieces of the 35 micron standard paper

Spec Sheet Button PDF Manual

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PIG Filter (8+ gallons per minute)

To purchase, please contact Summit Research at 831-226-2948 or by eMail. Items ship 1-3 days after orders have been processed unless otherwise specified. Price does not include shipping and will be included in your final estimate before processing.