New Vario 12c

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These VARIO® pumping units feature a very high pumping speed even close to the outstanding ultimate vacuum and are ideal for high vacuum requirements with most high boiling solvents. They provide precise vacuum control by continuously adjusting the pump´s motor speed. The controller provides fully automatic evaporations without any need for parameter input. The pump design offers exceptionally high chemical resistance supporting almost universal usage in chemistry and pharmaceutics. The PC 3012 NT VARIO pumping unit relies on a well-proven operating concept for evaporations with large amounts of solvents. The inlet separator (AK) retains particles and liquid droplets, the waste vapor condenser at the outlet (EK) is highly efficient and compact. The condenser enables near-100-percent solvent recovery, efficient recycling, and active protection of the environment. The MD 12C NT VARIO can be equipped with these accessories later.

Performance features

  • Automatic adjustment of the vacuum level throughout the process for high process reproducibility and unattended operation
  • Short process times due to zero-fluctuation (hysteresis-free) vacuum control, even for large amounts of vapor
  • Removable CVC 3000 vacuum controller, can be arranged flexibly, easily operated with clear text menus
  • Extraordinary diaphragm life for minimum operational and servicing costs
  • PC 3012 NT VARIO: excellent environmental friendliness due to efficient solvent recovery, inlet separator for demanding applications
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