SPD Thermal +

Summit Research top of the line Thermal+ series short path distillation heads are the answer to stable thermal gradients inside the head. With superior internal temperature retention that silvered heads can’t match by a long shot. The amount of retained heat internally is not only beneficial in cold rooms, but with distillation keys + sop methods; proven technology that retains the closest gradient from the joint to the top of the head. With the least amount of in pathway energy loss this head surely outperforms any cheap head with generic build outs that do not ensure maximum temperature retention like the Thermal+ series. With its patented dual vacuum jacket design to the 2.1 series packable version, summit took out all the stops to make sure the next generation of short path distillation head technology would include all the top of the line features we could throw at this product series. The most ingenious thing to come out of the Thermal+ series design was the packable head. First of its kind with dual vacuum jackets; also first of its kind with the lowest packable shelf available on the market. This ensures the highest amount of temperature hits the packable bed, and does not lose energy as the vapors move upwards. The lowest available gradient in a packable head with a value of .9c to 1c from bottom to top can be stabilized during the distillation; compared to a mid region packable head with upwards of 3-5c gradient. Summit Research is dedicated to the Thermal+ series in the mid package pro kits, with unmatched performance anywhere else on the market. If choosing the best all around glassware setups is an important factor, then the SPD Thermal+ series will knock your expectations out of the park.

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