The SPD 100L Reactor is used for reactions, crystallizations, drying or evaporating solvent from crystallization processes. Evaporation range meets or exceeds 50L Roto performance.

  • 100 Liter, with head space included (~115L total capacity to vapor duct)
  • Heavy duty large opening lid
  • Heavy duty mixer, mounted VFD custom made and installed to oversize lid
  • Pressure safe sight glasses
  • Dimpled liquid jacket with flow control internally
  • Second jacket with insulator packed in void from bottom to top
  • Stainless stand, heavy duty with caster wheels
  • Customer option for discharge pump, or dual keg (add on)
  • Stainless steel, patented hard pipe SPD8 coil distillation head
  • Discharge plate for solvent separation in high flow
  • Sight glass installed for monitoring of head discharge
  • Vacuum port on top of head for vacuum range
  • Pharma and GMP grade construction
  • Total dimensions with frame and casters: H 95″ W 45″ D 37″

Straight material feed and removal without necked down upper section. Lift mounts incorporated into the lid for easy access if a hoisted is utilized in loading/unloading procedure. (Disengaged lid from hinge when utilizing a hoisting system.)

*** System is not designed to be completely sealed to the outside environment. Not suitable for pressure or liquefied petroleum use. Must be used with appropriate venting devices.***


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