Simple yet powerful, the GVS40A uses displacement and horsepower to achieve CFM. Unlike many other types of pumps that require complex fore traps, cryotraps, etc. – a well maintained single stage rotary vane can withstand great amounts abuse; making them very affordable and usable without much worry. Also know as ‘roughing’, ‘wet’ or ‘backing’ pumps.

The GVS40A rotary vane pump is required for any sized hard-piped system and can be very useful on hosed systems as well.

  • Inlet: KF25
  • Exhaust: 1 1/4″ female threaded (ID)
  • Motor: 1 Phase, 180/264V, 50/60Hz
  • Oil: synthetic hydrocarbon
  • Pumping speed: 31 CFM (60Hz)
  • Ultimate pressure: 0.4 Torr


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