Presented by Summit Research Tech

The Genesis Heating Mantle is made completely and entirely in the USA.

0-4000 RPM capability and the largest centered magnetism on the market. Patented magnetic gauss lens with 1:1 rotation coupler technology.

Genesis is available in 2-50 liter sizes with threaded feet adjustable up to 2″ and option to upgrade to 4″. Standard PT1000 RTD sensors and high voltage mil-spec connections. Billet aluminum chassis with stainless steel bowl enclosure. Bluetooth and Wifi capable.

The Genesis Mantle comes in 2 versions. Genesis Lite is a heating and temperature controller. Genesis Pro is a heating and temperature controller that also has full vacuum control from Apollo built in as well as built in fraction finder and UV options – with one touch recipe and analysis screens. No extra computers on your table.


  • Mantle
  • Touch Screen Unit
  • Controlled Heating Insulator Cap
  • Dual Vapor Probes
  • Power Cable

The Genesis Mantle will be available 2022.