Summit Research 4 part ‘EZ-Gum’ Degumming Enzyme is to be added between 1/2g-1g : 1kg organic raw extract. This will initiate gum removal of phospholipids, phosphatides and metabolic absorption through enzymatic reactions. This blend of USA engineered powder enzyme of phospho A-C is for hydrolyzing phopholipids in solution with an added bonus of metabolizer for highest efficiency coagulation and group drop out of gumming compounds found prior to distillation. This powder can be added to distilled water first, or added directly to the raw extract resin that has been pre filtered prior to degumming. Pre-processed extract is to be held at 50c, do not exceed 62-65c as it will denature the blend of enzymes. When degumming has reached maximum efficiency begin a solvent/distilled water wash and drop out the gum layers and any remaining components that travel to the water layer. Use of a Summit Research NO-FUSS Separatory funnel is recommended for optimal separations. This unique and proprietary blend will satisfy even the pickiest of distillers with top notch results. 8oz