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Effective capture of moisture or condensation. Also useful as quick cooling baths.

  • Digital temp controller up to -80c
  • Stainless steel trap installation
  • Easy internal observation with transparent enclosing
  • Seamless structure bath to prevent leakage of fluid

In vacuum applications, a cold trap bath is a device that condenses all vapors (except the permanent gases) into a liquid or solid. The main purpose is to prevent vapors being produced by an experiment from entering the vacuum pump where they would condense and contaminate it. Cold trap baths can also cool surfaces or baffles to prevent oil vapors flowing from a pump into the chamber. In such a case, a baffle or section of pipe containing a number of cooled vanes, will be attached to the inlet of an existing pumping system.

Model Number
Temp Controller
Microprocessor digital controller
Temp Control Range
Ambient -80c ~ -20c (low limit -80c)
Internal Cylinder Dimension
7.09W” x 8.27H”
External Dimension
18.18W” x 22.04D” x 27.95H”
Weight 48 Kg
Internal Material
Stainless steel
External Material
Steel plate with powder heating coated
Trap Stainless steel trap
Power 110V, 60Hz, 15A


*Important* Do not use ethanol as a coolant. Strictly prohibited and will void any type of limited warranties.

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