Summit Research’s USA manufactured, peer reviewable Closed Loop Systems (CLS) is the highest quality system in the industry. The standard purchase package, as shown, is a passive system with a built in cryogenic cooler. The system does not require chillers to operate as it was designed to heat on the recovery side, generating vapor for recovery via the coil condensation of the hydrocarbons. Included:
  • Populated Rack with Material Column
  • Filtration Sock
  • CRC/Remediation
  • Collection Column
  • Drier
  • Complete Swagelok Tubing and Attachments
  • Valves
  • Supports
  • Safety Valves/PRV’s
  • ASME Solvent Storage Tank
  • Plate Exchanger (For use with LN2 or Chiller)
  • Recovery Coils
  • Jacketed Vessels
Additional options that can be added:
  • Recovery pump
  • Heaters
  • Ancillary hardware
With a 360 design the CLS fits the most features into the smallest footprint on the market allowing for ease of use while taking up a limited amount of space. (Plated Heat Exchanger now incorporated into base of this unit for even smaller footprint) This versatile system combines features for both crude cannon work and detailed high grade tuned extractions into one. No feature or expense is spared in the manufacturing of Summit Research’s CLS allowing customers top of the line equipment at an affordable price.

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One of our customers using the CLS: Instagram Demo instagram logo

To purchase, please contact Summit Research at 831-226-2948 or by eMail. Items ship 1-3 days after orders have been processed unless otherwise specified. Price does not include shipping and will be included in your final estimate before processing.