aBHOut it Industries’ BHO Meter is the first extraction specific oval gear flow meter on the market. Accurate to .5% and certified to -60F, our c1d1 meters solve many of the issues extraction businesses face today. Never stand by guesstimating solvent numbers using antiquated scale technology again. Improve your team’s productivity and consistency by precisely measuring the volume of solvent entering your biomass.

Flow meter readouts are displayed on our c1d1 rated LCD display capable of relaying output signals to actuating valves. Take the guesswork out of the extraction process.

The c1d1 rated display unit is capable of converting your flow meter output into any unit of measure you prefer. Displays are capable of controlling actuating valves and allow the operator to utilize the various controls without opening the housing and exposing the internal circuitry to the ambient environment. The perfect solution for maximum accuracy and control in a volatile environment.

Sizing ranges from 0.25 – 2 inches.

Specs for each size: