Here you will find a basic, but accurate follow through technique to create basic curative growth crystalline. For the most part we believe that this curative crystallization technique should be made freely available, while others charge an arm & a leg for this information, we make it available for free.

Curative Crystallization Technique

Use the advanced short path distillation techniques to create a starting material for the crystallization.

During this time it in very important you do not allow your compounds to oxidize.

When you are distilling the curative from a curative rich plant extract you will have to rewash and repeat the process up to 3-4x through short path distillation apparatus to keep cleaning it up, over and over your boiling point will lower. you should see your batch sit and test above 80%, this is a nice healthy number to work with. We suggest curative farms, their curatives will come off a lot different compared to curative basic plants; even the t h c will concentrate, that’s okay you will wash it.

Take your curative distillate, and redissolve it in pentane. 1:4 ratio is about normal from what many of our users have said. This next step is a cycling step for crystal growth. Crystal production is not only a science but also an art form. The tools you use to make crystalline products vary and determine the results. Clean solvents, clean environment, and clean hardware matters, in such a case even sterile makes a difference, down to the surface ph.

Heat the solution to 115f, then cool it.   repeat this process 3-4x.  your cooling will be 40f set point.

In easy methodology, here are the steps:

  1. heat solution to 115f.
  2. cool to 40f
  3. repeat 3-4x(this process layers the internal solution by weight, this can also be done in sep funnel – some people separate the layers out and repeat the process).
  4. add pentane back to the mix during the time heat is being increased ONLY if you lose a lot of fluid.
  5. during the last heating cooling cycle you will insert a blanket seed.(these are a handful of small hard crystals that will coat the bottom of the flask)
  6. as temperature is lowering, insert seed around 60f. Do not blanket seed the process when at lowest temps. You want to drop the seeds in when the temps are lowering, so the seeds is dropped in at 60f, but the temps of fluid can still be going down to 40f.
  7. now remove the solution and place in a cool dry, dark spot. (spare oven, set oven temp to around 50f max.
  8. using a chemical duty vacuum pump remove enough of the pentane to visually see a cloud form. Stop. Allow to sit.
  9. the crystals will start to grow, and when you see less and less action, begin vacuuming with nitrogen sweep gas the beaker, removing the pentane from solution. Larger crystals will begin to grow slowly.
  10. take the crystals that are now “dried” and freeze them in a stainless container with a fine meshed screen above the basin. make sure crystals are on top.
  11. SUPER chill pentane, and now using a small chemical sprayer, wash the t h c off the surface (yellow slime). This residual is called mother milk and can be reused.
  12. place crystals back in oven at 5f above the crystallization temperature. With a sweeping gas like nitrogen vac down like a mofo, and dry out the crystals!

What has happened here is the curative is in high concentration, when you heat and cool over and over it creates a binding effect between molecules but it doesn’t allow it to just be HARD, that’s what seeding is for. The curative will grow on itself, typically attain a % of 98-99% right off the bat if everything is kept clean. The yellow crap on the surface are the impurities that formed around the crystallization as it is pushed to the surface when the curative bonds to itself and compounds in the solution. This stuff can be washed off, redistilled to make more crystals, and the tail fraction can be kept and re-added back to something to avoid waste.

We will update more with chromatography steps, and other cool techs for curative.  We just thought that it’s time for people to stop paying for basic curative crystallization process. Getting a crystal like this is 97-98% of the way to make high purity curative crystal, its the other further steps that are require more accuracy and some other hardware to get to the 99.9% best of the best rating. Not potency, we just meant like how far does this process take you?  Pretty damn far. The rest is the expensive hardware stuff. This can be done post SPD work simply.

We only want to say use a quality vacuum pump with a good controller.

Don’t put pentane through unsafe non chemical duty pumps.

More curative crystallization information & techniques coming soon!

Enjoy – JBV