What does this mean when we are speaking of aldehydes? For example if we use higher psi, open blast, or looping tech to get waxes, fats lipids where they carry the most of these different aldehydes and carbonyl compounds. We have seen a effect on the filtering with higher psi and a sheen. We believe the sheen is related to the aldehydes. If a ttp extraction is completed properly we see from research less of these compounds will be present. It would simply be present in waxes and plant matter. Also rosin. During fractioning you can remove these components from the curative extract or florals you are collecting. When you have a properly dewaxed shatter in question the smaller content due to physical removal and filtering of the inactive compounds that carry aldehydes. Now even in small doses as per the research shows that can be useless if anything – but in essential oil extraction this is a heavily concentrated compound.

Now lets take what we learned and apply it to any live extract. Lets make a few things clear, with oxidation the degradation of adehydes exists, and with the use or extraction principles we can not only understand that live resin type extracts tend to have water, aldehydes, methane, hexane etc, which are all properties of a decomposing plant. When plants are set to dry, they actually decompose, venting many gasses like chlorine, chloramine, methane etc.   when you start extracting fresh plants this can be a issue because you really can’t control what decomposing components you are extracting.  in the case where a plant has not matured in the drying state, you are bypassing part of your extraction already due to the water allowing hydrocarbons to wrap around the molecules and partially bypass deep extractions.   instead the user is tricked by water weight, and the “artist” now sold you boofed product filled with water content.  we are solely against this practice.

We want a further discussion so we offer you to email us at info@summit-research.tech so we can elaborate and help people understand how to avoid extracting these compounds so upon concentration of compounds you have a smaller risk factor of having heavy concentrations within your extract. We ask, why would anyone want to have this in their product, vend this, or even consider not removing this when making medicine….. -jbv

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