Here we have the new line up of SPD-2 Thermal+ standard & SPD-2 Thermal+ Packable. The concept is for the fastest packable head on the market with efficient increase in thermal properties. This head is designed for custom raschig rings we will provide with the head. The packing is lowered below the joint with enough plate indents to support it. Reason is dividing the packable section to the hottest portion while achieving a ceiling for vapor purification up top. This makes it extremely fast for a packable head and refuses to carry any of the unwanted distillate in the packed section. The kurzweg just got way better. Also SPD-1 & SPD-2 will remain as our legacy series in current production, don’t worry we won’t ditch our tried & true designs.

SPD-2 New Thermal & Packable HeadsSPD-2 Thermal+

SPD-2 New Thermal & Packable HeadsSPD-2 Thermal+ Packable Head