R-220 Buchi Essential

$35,500.00 $34,500.00

20l Standard R220 Buchi Rotovap Essential Series (new series without computer controller)



The R-220 Buchi Essential customized standard operating procedures provide convenient user guidance through the process and push notifications to mobile phones if attention should be required.

  • User-friendly design with programmable methods guiding through SOPs, automatic distillation even of challenging foaming samples, and remote monitoring on mobile phone with push notifications
  • Convenient flask handling with patented BUCHI flask coupling and unique flask handler
  • Maximum safety guaranteed by plastic coated glassware (P+G) and additional protection shields and grids
  • Seven glass assemblies available for various uses, including distillation of foaming samples, recrystallization under reflux and height restrictions
  • System extension easily possible with a wide range of accessories, such as automatic foam detection, temperature monitoring, coolant flow control and many more

Summit also offers a R-220 Buchi package.

For more detailed information about this product visit buchi.com


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