Thanks to its powerful properties, Carbon Chemistry’s Activated Magnesium Silicate (MagSil-PR®) is useful in Chromatography and CRC columns to remove pesticides, improve color, and also to improve the clarity of your products. Magnesium silicate binds to polar, water-soluble compounds. Once these compounds have bonded with the MagSil, the solution can be filtered through a recommended, 20-micron mesh screen. Carbon Chemistry medias are some of the highest purity and quality medias on the market.

The very large active surface makes Mag-Sil PR useful for a wide variety of applications. It is used to remove impurities, pesticides, and unwanted colors, oftentimes in color remediation columns. Featuring a high alkalinity of pH 9.5-10

Magnesium Silicate. 22lbs (10kg) of product. Available in Mag-Sil 44lbs (20kg)


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