High skilled laboratory services

Min. 2 days for booking – Airfare / travel expenses + additional cost 

Summit Research is offering at an outstanding low cost our experienced staff and associates to come direct to you. This option needs to be selected if you are purchasing a FULL system from us and require help from start to finish. We will not go onsite for product support for packages that involve unknown gear with marginal or basic operational values. By purchasing this you must include with the booking the correct amount of days required by our staff. They will show up typically the day before and leave the day after your dates are locked in. By purchasing this you adhere to the strict rule of calling us within 24 hours and arranging room and board for our staff at YOUR cost. If timing is not appropriate your payment and date will be refunded/canceled. If you book our staffs time and give us last minute changes you are agreeing to forfeiting payment for refund.

Please call us with any questions, we are offering this service so you can get the help you need. If you are lazy and do not have the hardware setup and ready to go, our staff gets paid no matter what. If you are requiring our help to step your game to the next level and you are purchasing our time and services you are MANDATED under agreement to have everything ready. You are not having us hold your hand while buying hoses and misc parts. Our staff will show up from 8-6, we are not interested in showing up at 6pm till 3am due to your schedule that prevents you from working regular times. It is your responsibility to adhere to. Not ours. We are always on time. Thank you for choosing Summit Research. 831-226-2948