This package enables convenient vacuum control in the range down to 10-3 mbar. Comes with a VV-B 15C in-line solenoid valve and all necessary small flange components. VACUUBRAND offers two packages, one with small flanges KF DN 16, suitable, e.g., for the VACUUBRAND RE/RZ 2.5 to RE/RZ 6 rotary vane pumps or our RC 6 Chemistry-HYBRID pump; or select the small flange KF DN 25 version suitable for our RE/RZ 9 to RE/RZ 16 rotary vane pumps. The CVC 3000 runs vacuum processes by control of external vacuum, venting and cooling water valves. In these packages the vacuum control is performed by opening and closing the in-line solenoid valve VV-B 15C. The controller and components are completely self-configuring and automatically checked via VACUU·BUS®communication protocol.

Performance features

  • the CVC 3000 controls vacuum, cooling water and venting to demand
  • intuitive operation with turn-and-tap jog wheel and clear text menus
  • rugged VSP 3000 vacuum sensor made of plastics and ceramics with high chemical resistance, splash-water proof, also for rough operating conditions
  • VSP 3000 with wide measurement range from atmospheric pressure to fine vacuum (10-3 mbar) according to the principle of thermal conduction
  • the in-line solenoid valve is chemically highly resistant (series C)