The CUP Series alcohol extraction systems enable operators to target and extract botanical compounds from diverse plant species. Boasting a 97% alcohol removal from biomass and 98% botanical compound removal, the CUP systems streamline production times and maximize extraction yield.

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Production Capacity

• 25-30 lbs of Plant Material Per Batch (depending on mill size)
• Avg. Run Time: 10 – 20 Min (depending on SOP)
• Approx: 600 lbs Processing Per 8 hr Shift
• Alcohol Requirement: 25-30 Gallons per run
• Closed-Loop system
• Designed for single operator
• Easy material loading / unloading
• Controlled alcohol residence time
• All wetted parts are 304 and 316L sanitary stainless steel
• Vacuum jacketed insulation
• Alcohol feed port with 1.5” tri-clamp fittings
• Vapor tight (no pressure) vessel with EPDM lid seal
• 2” Tri-Clamp Angled Drain
• Low temperature rating to -40c
• 3rd Party Engineer Reviewed by PSI
• UL certified electronics [C1D2] U.S. / Canada

Runtime for CUP-15 is 15 minutes and CUP-30 is 20 minutes, allowing operators to process up to 600 pounds of material in a standard eight-hour shift. With the touch of a button, the automated program menu runs the cycle to the user’s specifications.

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