The CT-3 Complete w Chiller will eliminate the need for dry ice in your lab!

The summit research Cold Trap-3 GEN2 is the most unique package on the market capable of enormous vacuum concentration.

Supplied with a high load capacity -40 polyscience advanced control top of the line chiller. Used to bring down condenser and jacketed flask to -40c.

Summit research has started from scratch and went back to the drawing table to redesign our original ct-1 modified 2 coil condenser; to include the NEW 3 coil parallel flow custom coils made for this application. Extreme duty capacity and redesigned custom sized coils that scream top notch performance.

Features a liquid jacketed 1000ml capture flask with gl14 ports for inlet and outlet to the supplied chiller.

Similar to large Dewar dry ice condensers this unit is made with the features we want, including the use of leak free HIGH VACUUM connections. No drain ports and no weak sections that break when suspended under use. Nobody likes breaking the drain tips of their cold traps at such a high cost.

Utilizing Schott glass stock even thicker than typically seen, the assembly of this unit is done by hand and at a cost that reflects its quality. We spared no expense to making a quality glassware cold trap, vacuum accumulator, vacuum concentrator Р giving the user confidence they are not lacking when battling vacuum pressure loss with cheap units. MADE IN AMERICA GLASSWARE supplied with MADE IN AMERICA POLYSCIENCE CHILLER we knocked this product out of the park with exclusive partnerships to provide quality glass with quality control.

  • Mechanical connections that prevent barb breakage and mass body failure from stress of removing hoses. On cold traps the cores become very cold and the hot gasses coming in tend to stress the connection where the outside glass can be warm, very close to the core which is below 0.
  • Custom high vacuum laser cut joint that prevents leaks from the collection flask drains and or stoppers.
  • 1000ml liquid jacketed collection flask solvent collection made with extra thick glass and extra thick joints using gl14 for fluid connections.
  • Shorter overall height allowing smaller footprint compared to ANY 1000ml collection cold trap that can be placed closer to your work area with small stands compared to the typical wall mount or 42-44″ iron foot stands.
  • CT-3 Complete w Chiller can be used to collect florals/terpenes, and using the lower flask you can reheat and steam the vapors up, re-condensing even 20ml of liquid up and back down to wash your florals/terpenes to the lower flask for capture and processing
  • CT-3 Complete w Chiller can also be used between vacuum pumps to protect them from high levels of contamination, extending the vacuum pump life considerably.
  • Roda-Viz custom back off and grease-less high vacuum joints throughout.
  • Used to control water removal from high volatile terpene collection. Terpene harvesting additional add on available upon request only.