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This is a 2 Liter digital magnetic timing heating mantle. Maximum temperature of 380°C and can heat a 50-2000ml standard or non-standard reaction flask. Comes additionally with (1) 19inch vertical rod, (2) extended thermo probes (16inches), magnetic pill (1 1/8 inch) and vertical rod clamp.

  • Power supply: 110v/60Hz.
  • Stirring volume: 2000ml.
  • Heating power: 530W.
  • Maximum temperature: 380 ° C.
  • Stirring speed: 60 ~ 2300rpm / MIN, digital display, button adjustment.
  • Motor power: 40W.
  • Temperature control accuracy: ± 0.2 ° C, 0.1 ° C display.
  • Time setting range: 0-9999 minutes, digital display, timing error<1%.
  • Inner bowl diameter: 6.5inches. (max diameter of boiling flask)
  • Product dimensions (not packaging) ‏ : ‎ 15 x 10.5 x 8 inches tall; 24 Pounds
  • Liquid crystal display: speed, temperature, timing.
  • Comes with vertical threaded lab stand and clamp for short path head securing.
  • Self-contained sensor off detection function.
  • Built-in temperature limit detection function prevents over temperature.
  • DC permanent magnet motor, low noise, large torque and long life.
  • The bevel control panel is suitable for sitting and standing viewing angles.
  • The appearance is streamlined design, no dirt, easy to wipe.
  • Furnace wire: Cr20Ni80.
  • Insulation Layer: alkali-free glass fiber, can withstand 450 degrees.
  • Insulation coefficient: ≥500 megawatts when relative humidity ≤35%.
  • Warm layer: aluminum silicate cotton insulation.
  • Working hours: continuous.
  • Instructions for use of Heating Mantle are in the box.


1▲When using the mantle for the first time, there will be white smoke and odor coming from the sleeve. It is normal for the color to change from white to brown and then white. Because the glass fiber contains oily and other compounds from the production process, it should be placed in well ventilated area or outside. After a few minutes smoking will disappear, then mantle can be used normally. See Last picture in slide for details.

2▲The instrument should have good grounding.

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