The #24 New Series MONOCOW is for the NON ball type. This is a coilless high efficiency distribution adapter.

Single port receiving side MONOCOW for rapid swap and isolation of contamination during fraction switch. Ensures proper seal while eliminating redundant ports on common 3 port cows. 24/40 joints. Made in USA 100% Schott glass. Comes with GL14.

This part is only compatible with SPD-1 Legacy Gen 5 released after 8/28/2017

Summit recommends all users of any and all glassware to operate inside a ventilated fume hood with sufficient blast shields to prevent injury in case of fatigued glass failure. Summit is not responsible or liable for the result of any failures from use, and/or loss of subsequent hardware contamination/failure with or without the result of material loss or damaged caused to surroundings. By purchasing our premiere lines of laboratory glassware the user is responsible to operate in the recommended environment safely. We recommend all users to operate in a legal and licensed facility where safety is the number 1 goal. #24 New Series MONOCOW